Galactus_Effect / Lord_Vadur's Ban Appeal

Why were you banned?
I was banned (indirect quotes) “griefing, 3rd offense”. I would like to clarify this ban. I think this ban was given due to me stealing cheth from the USF vault. I would like to say this was not my 3rd offense, but I honestly don’t know.
Why do you deserve to be unbanned?
I deserve this unban because I learned my lesson. I was doing whatever I wanted and ignoring superiors. I have made several selfish actions that caused my ban. Threw reflection and conversations, I have learned to step up and to start slowly, and work my way up to help the USF instead of making selfish decisions. These selfish decisions made me steal from the USF which isn’t right. By helping and giving to the USF, that will hopefully help conquer my greed and selfish desires. By preventing my greed and selfish desires overcoming me, it will stop me from stealing from my brothers which will stop me from ever griefing again. When I get unbanned, I shall start immediately working and completing tasks that need to be done. I will start giving instead of taking. To the staff who are reading this: this paragraph might be seen as bull crap but I mean it all. To truly change, I must execute what I say rather than just saying it. I will happily take any reducement of my 29-day ban.