From GenBukkit. Goodbye

I’m going to keep this short, I don’t even think this is where this should go, but I don’t exactly have anywhere else to put it due to how quickly I left almost everything connected with the server.
I’ve obviously left the server, I’ve banned myself, I left every discord associated with the server but the coin one and the orovika one.
I’ve decided to write this here to give an explanation as to why I’ve left, as to a lot of people it looks like I’ve just stopped playing for no reason.
I realized today that this server takes a toll on the stress levels of the person playing it. Every single reason I had to play this server was slowly torn away by either updates or some political thing on the server. It got to the point where playing the server seemed like more of a masochistic feat than anything. All the fun went away because there’s no longer a reward for anything, there was nothing left to do but argue and get a headache from dealing with toxicity as both a staff member and as a player. No One is to blame specifically for me leaving, I wasn’t convinced to quit or anything.
If I’m honest, I love this server. Or loved, whatever you want to say. But I’d rather have fun playing a video game then be stressed. With that being said, I might come back, or try to come back. If a change is ever made that makes the server more enjoyable again. I hope nobody uses me leaving as a point in arguing, and I hope that noone leaves due to me leaving. These reasons are my own, they likely don’t match many other players’ experience.
This was longer than I wanted it to be, so here’s a TLDR;
I’m leaving because the server’s Toxic and it’s not fun anymore. Goodbye.


Update kek:
I’ve returned due to events in the server’s politics making the experience much less of a headache.