Frequency Disruptor (Power Module)


This is an idea that goes along with stealth missions and such into bases, allowing someone to theoretically sneak in, kill someone by surprise, and then flee. It would be a four piece power module, when you craft it it gives 4 power modules, and of which can be used on any piece of power armor. However, to gain the effect you must wear power armor with all four modules, or nothing happens. Now, I bet all the colonists are currently typing a reply screaming about how this leaves them completely vulnerable to pirates and makes the whole server completely ruined and such. However, the item to craft this object is an enderchest, which is a rare item on the server and will make this valuable. If the person wearing this powerarmor pilots a ship, it will show the ship normally, and the same if they hold a clock. If you /getpos them, you get the message, “Target unable to be found” and they simply won’t show on /near. This is also balanced because it limits your combat maneuverability (No speed, or rocket Boots).


Still this essentially allows players to spawn camp people


And there are rich pirates and poor colonists so it’s unbalanced, I think a better idea is a TEMPORARY cloak or signal disruptor because I like thee idea but it needs to be more balanced


The thing is, the amount of enderchests in circulation is extremely limited. I know for a fact I haven’t seen more than 10 in my time on the server (although I don’t go searching for them). Also, name tags are still shown, and most pirates won’t bother with spawn camping, as they only get points once.


U can see names tags far away and through walls so it’s pretty useless unless micle changes that


Shifting is also a possibility, I know I have shifted and made my way through whole bases while doing so. It would be time consuming, but what better reward than stabbing an in expecting person in the back?


I’m not sure shifting works on this server, someone else was shifting through a wall but I coulsd still see them and we tested it a bunch


If shifting doesn’t work on the server, it’s pribably something Micle disabled purposefully and could easily reenable it. I do believe shifting works though, as I have done it before.


That’d just mean that all the rich / experienced people with Ender chests could go around wrecking noobs with barely any counterplay at all.


Shifting works… Its a minecraft basic.


(no it doesn’t and never has, you can’t sneak through one block holes in vanilla, not even w/ elytras)