Force Sensitivity

Random possible thing: Randomly every time you re-spawn theres a 1/something chance that you become force sensitive (without realizing or being told it) however to stop abuse make /suicide not count and mob kills only count once every like minute or 5. Over time as you play more survival with this, your force abilities get better (sort of a level up system).
A list of possible force abilities in my opinion:
Starting (level 1): Sense other force users that are near and using the force
Force level 2: Sense other people without needing /near (says that someone is nearby in the area it says you ran into a block when flying a ship and you can toggle on/off)
3: Force jump-Extra high jumping
4: Maybe some minor w/e move command of like 5 blocks max and only move up to like 5 blocks max
5: More area able to be moved and more distance (like 5->10 blocks) and better lightsaber skills (in some way)
6~:Can assemble blocks into a blueprint just like the simulations (Lego star wars games)
7~-9: Same as level 5 in the idea that you get better at things
9: Able to mask you force sensitivity unless you use the force (besides passively). Also possibly force lightning ability
10: Can move a large amount of stuff a large distance. Last level. If you get this far without being hunted down by people then you probably deserve it and now the galaxy will hopefully try to take you down because you are basically throwing them around (literally) at the moment.

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No. Pretty much everything here is super abusable or completely pointless

I mean your not wrong I guess