Fair ideas for kill xp


Some ideas for kill xp

No xp for killing neutrals this would be also the higher level player you kill the more xp you get this would stop players who aren’t in a nation yet from being killed as well as make wars between nations more exciting the more xp the higher level player you kill to make people pick on players their own size also you can only get xp for lvl 12+

Xp for shooting down ships and more xp the bigger the ship shot down Only xp for shooting down warship classes so people don’t target people who trade this would stop people from kill farming people in their bases and the bigger the ship the more xp is to prevent people from always targeting like shuttles and going after cruisers instead because it would give more xp Also still allow people to trade freely because people will not target trade ships


Sentence and grammar lessons for this kid right here.


He said xp at least 15 times, also it made no sense.


Great Idea, they kinda killed piracy and it should be added back!


These should definitely be implemented