Factions missions and rewards


so listen please micle, this is the best idea ever. So lets start of with the basics. there should be at least 3 factions led by AI that u can sorta join. each faction has its own capital city and home space station. to become a play faction, nation leaders ONLY must spend 20k to become a minor faction, limited things and stuff but spend an extra 30k (so 50k in total) to become a regular faction. factions at war will have AI ships, (ships with auto turrets) shooting the enemy faction. you can also go to cities owned by factions to get missions. missions build rep for the faction. however if a mission is like ex: we need to clean a path for our bombers to the (AI faction name) base Objective: destroy 3 corvettes from (certain faction) rewards: 500 points and 1500 creds +5 rep for (faction giving u mission) -2 rep for (faction ur killing. if ur rep is too low for a faction, its AI will KOS U (Kill On Sight). leveling up with a faction however will grant acsess to that factions exclusive blueprints, certain faction perks (ex: shield amplifiers for ships and steroids to increase your players speed and strength and certain missions only high levels can take. the cities and Space stations will work like this, u can claim cities in any unclaimed region or in a certain empty space in space. u do the command and a simple construction site apeers (this comes with buying 30k faction) then u can click a computer inside the site to spend money and it will auto build, each upgrade costs more and more and will add stores and npcs and other stuff. MICLE plz add as much as possible because this will make SL truly amazing


Um, I guess it MIGHT work as a minigame, but it would be horrible for the server itself. AI controlling a bunch of stuff isn’t that great, and players are supposed to do what? Grind for money? Nobody likes doing that. Get special blueprints? Everyone would get them quickly and then players would have already found their weakness. Special perks? Small factions would be screwed, making it so the first biggest one will dominate. It’s structured like a tycoon that isn’t even that good. There are a million things wrong with it, and it ruins the current aim for gameplay.


ouch ur so truthful it hurts :frowning:


Yeeeeaahh we play SL because it’s player-driven and not one of those other servers


This’d transform SL completely. In a bad way. If you don’t like SL the way it is, play a game more like your Idea. Also, starting your “suggestion” with “this is the best idea ever” is not a good opener.