Exporting obsidian (maybe)


While taking a stroll through the sidewalks of Nethergrad, I got attacked by a slime, and the impact to my head gave me an idea (for reasons we’re not quite sure of at the moment). We should re-purpose our recently built within-border-shipments freighter to go around selling obsidian.

It has come to our attention that obsidian is an untapped market. While we scarcely ever need credits, we believe it would be kind of cool to have ships shipping loads of obsidian to other solar systems and planets. While it sounds really cool in theory, it might not be so cool in practice. We might deplete the whole planet’s resources at one point because I happen to be netherman56, a random guy with mild radiation poisoning that would like to mine the crap out of everything. So, for anyone out there who is looking to buy the materials to build their fresh new bomb shelter, we have some questions for you.

  1. How much should 1 chest of obsidian cost? (Must be between 1,000 and 5,000 credits)
  2. How many chests of obsidian would most people buy per shipment?
  3. Who the hecc would actually buy obsidian?

EDIT: Turns out obsidian is an untapped market because there is no demand for it. We will not be selling obsidian any time soon.