Explosive crossbows

So we are getting 1.14 sometime soon, so i have a suggestion. Explosive arrows for crossbow. Probably expensive, but hey it’s a infantry explosive device, whats not to like? Maybe even a few types, like ones that take a certain amount of time to detonate, on contact, and a mix. Just sounds like a way to make crossbows useful.

Maybe just make fireworks explosive because we can fire those from crossbows

It would be easier just to add back blaster cannon crafting
Basically the same concept

I guess but then crossbows would be virtually worthless

In the same way that bows are completely useless right now…

Oh yeah, and where are the normal MC swords?

Like Cent said, bows are worthless now, so making it so just another variant of a bow isn’t worthless… well then we would probably have to make regular bows not worthless too.