Eveeeents bois plz


add events that happen randomly that all players notice, it will say it in chat and the type of event and cords. add events like meteros that land giving cool stuff and AI ships that will attack you and killing them will award you with points and creds. we also need to think of more ways to expand SL so someone help me!


What is your thing about AI? You do know it isn’t simple to make AI in anyway, and one of the main parts of SL is that it’s completely real players. Besides the AI part, events would be nice.


I love SL because it’s player-driven. Please no


I do like the idea of events too! Maybe make an event where it says, "Large cruiser distress signal sent out from Xcoord, Zcoord! First to reach has been offered an award. Maybe they get the ship, or find stuff on board. Something along those lines!


Oh, and if it DOES get implemented, it should only happen once per day, just because some games have events every 10 minutes, which is overkill.


Ikr (cough destiny cough)


I want 3 times a day, so everyone in the world can participate, #notonlyAmericansonSL