Energy Swords should show on map!


IMHO if you arm yourself with an Energy Sword you should show on Dynmap, just the same as when you pilot a ship. Not that I am looking to get killed, but I think it makes sense.


Why? If they’re on your planet, you can do /near to see them. Also, a lot of people carry energy swords around a lot and that’d be inconvenient for them.


Energy Swords are similar to Lightsabers from Star Wars, and there’s nothing about them that makes that make sense.


If you ever played SWR if a Jedi equipped with a light saber, bounty hunters could track them.


I mean just like a clock. When you have it in your hand, then you are visible on dynmap. I think in Star Wars Online it was explained that the use of the Force to wield a light saber made it so they could be tracked by bounty hunters who deploy droids to sniff out Force users.


And yet, the force doesn’t exist in SL and there is no reason for energy swords to make you show up on the map. Clocks and ships do it for a reason, but there’s no gameplay reason for why swords should show up on map. It’d just be annoying for people who use energy swords.


Both with ships and with energy swords (and with other clock related activities) showing on dynmap would make scientific sense because such types of active radiation could be tracked. Gameplay wise, energy swords showing on map would allow users to locate pvp battles and join in easier, thats my opinion at least. I think it would be nice personally.


But… I commonly use the energy sword, having it track us would be a huge annoyance. Maybe, only have it track you when you hit a player with it, and keep you tracked until the timer runs out.