End Game Content Discussion


Many higher level players, especially those who have been playing since well before the trade update feel as though there is a lack of things for us to do once we have reached the final stage of the game. I’m making this thread for an open discussion of ideas and suggestions for end game content. Please refrain from posting absurd ideas such as an insane new ship class that has xyz overpowered feature, or a Death laser that can one shot ships, I’ll start the thread with a few ideas I’ve come up with or have seen in global chat:

–/nstation gravity wells, a new multiblock that requires power to run and can be no bigger than 2x the radius of the station (to prevent bunches of little /nstation claims with huge gravwells)
–An asteroid bay for /nstation claims that has a ridiculously low percentage of spawning an ore/customore to make it so you can be more sustainable on space-stations.
–Allowing players above level 85 to access old importer NPCs (Allows you to sell any item)
–New Turrets for capital ships, (Possibly BC, SD, DN)
–Allowing players above level 72 to access a second page of cargo crates
–Allowing level 100 players access to the space-station printing shipclass so you can print with ease
–Allowing higher level players access to bigger decomps

I have more ideas but these are just a few, I encourage you to participate in the discussion by posting your ideas to the thread.