Economic Revitalization of the Ignum System


The Ignum System is a splendid system with beautiful planets and a massive station. Yet, it is nearly abandoned, its resources being squandered, its beauty ignored. The Ignum System is surprisingly abandoned, as other than its difficult relation to the Sobrii system, it has few disadvantages over the other systems in economic potential. The Ignum System has rich mines with good ores, is by far the best source of glowstone in Andromeda Sector 7b, is a rich source of Gold, and in general contains numerous “warm and firey” (such as coal and obsidian) ores beneath its hot sun. Yet, Ignum is desolate. Cerus Alpha, with 24 territory spaces, has only 5 claims on it. Harenum, with exactly 50, has only 10. Porrus, with 38, has but 7 claims. Terram, more than half populated by a single nation, has 23 territories and 12 claimed. This is an average land use rate in the Ignum system of only ~25.18%.

Ignum needs revitalization. Some of you may have seen my report on the fate of Ignum station (you can find it at, and this is indicative of the state of the rest of Ignum. It is a wreck of a system, a little used, little-cared system, forgotten. This is nonsensical. The Ignum System has the resources to be economically viable, the variation to suit multiple purposes, and there’s a ton of it that has never been touched! I would like to ask people to invest in Ignum. The Ignum System is, with the right tools (most of its planets are a tad hot for survival), an amazing potential home for many settlements and players.

On the surface, Ignum may not appear to have much about it that makes it worth public re-colonization of the system. It’s far removed from the spawn system, you need a hyperdrive to get there in a reasonable amount of time, and most of its planets have debuffs when you’re outdoors. However, Ignum is certainly worth such an effort: Being far removed from the spawn system is not an issue, frankly, for anyone but beginners. Chetherite, while rare, can be obtained in large amounts from asteroids. I know that many, many players come and go from the Ignum system for resources or trade, so I know that many, many players can get there with little effort. Now, I’m asking you, instead of coming and going, to stay. Ignum’s heat-related debuffs are annoying, but not career-ending. Ignum is a gorgeous system, with amazing resources, and the fact that it is being overlooked is upsetting.

Let’s all go back to Ignum together. The system needs it, and we need it. Ignum is an amazing place, let’s not ign(um)ore it any longer.


I too would like to see more activity on Ignum. It’s a beautiful system and has a lot of valuable resources. I’ll be offering no-interest loans to anyone who needs financial backing to settle in Ignum, given that they have a trustworthy reputation.


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/n info Ekatera

Also part of the appeal of living in ignum is the lack of people (or at least enemies)


Emeris has a point, Ignum is actually quite populated but mostly by Ekaterans and hermits. Ignum is where people who like to be left alone go. It’s the quiet edge of the galaxy.


I would like to see more players(Non-Ekaterans, as they have control over 50% of Terram, and one nation having lots of control over a planet isn’t that good) there as well. Only one of the main parts about it is that it’s the safest system. The environment really is the most dangerous part, and I use it as a second home now. So yes, I want more people there, but at the same time I don’t.


Most planets are controlled by a single nation…


A single nation having lots of control over a planet isn’t a bad thing. Burr back in HR days made the mistake of attempting to take over a populated resource abundant planet all by himself before even realizing how nation outposts worked, and well… he was having some problems back then and because he was dissapointed that he couldn’t do it himself, he used “nations owning planets is bad” as an excuse to make HR feel better. lol


Question: what exactly is HR


Old TC, Burr’s chaotic abomination that was a revolt group from ekatera


A single nation controlling a planet isn’t that great, seeing as if it happens too often, it make players not want to go there, therefore decreasing activity there, and soon enough that system itself. It makes it so only one nation has a great amount of access to a certain material, making so nations need to come to them to get what they are looking for. This is GREAT if the nation is open for trades and isn’t likely to attack you, but there is the open opportunity for a nation to take control of a planet and make it very hard to get access to any of the planet’s materials. I personally think there should be a way to keep nations from controlling planets entirely.


Ignum is exactly as it should be. The hostile edge of space, where only the hardy colonists can scratch out a living. This especially for Porrus. As its oldest resident, I welcome colonist neighbors who are tough enough to join me in keeping Porrus pirate free. We have no need of untrustworthy free loaders who are not willing to put in a honest days work!

Look me up,

JoCube - Magnate of Porrus


I personally like the way Ignum is, far away from danger, and perfect for colonization(If you don’t mind the heat).


i dont know what to tell you anymore lol
ALL resources are available on multiple planets, except chetherite, uranium, and titanium; these are available in abundance in asteroids.
It isnt going to happen too often. My case and that of makise are rare… i mean, really, it only happened, thrice in the entire server?
There is literally nnothing wrong with the rare occurance of a nation controlling a planet. the only people who have claims saying otherwise dont realize their hardships dont come from a single nation controlling a planet, they come from that player being generally disliked due to their behavior.


I just don’t want it to happen MORE.


Makise’s is no longer possible, as you can’t make unlimited nation claims.