Drones and a detailed desciption of how I would like them used. Micle please read XD


Name one thing that shows up in every space game and every space movie? Lasers. Yes, yes, you’re right, but another thing is drones, or in the case of Star Wars, droids. It would probably be VERY hard to implement, but just imagine it, a carrier ship sits away from the battlefield, sending in swarms of drones controlled by the player in spectator mode, while the smaller ships and close range ships brawl with fighter support. Wold War II in space basically in a nutshell. Awesome, am I right?

On to the drones themselves, I imagine them with a block minimum of 10, but NO concrete requirements. The only requirement would be a block similar to a ship computer. I feel an observer would do nicely, the direction the “face” is showing is front for the drone. (Shown in Pictures Below) Any other module could be added to the drones, at the cost of price and size. Imagine “torpedo” bombers drones with light shields firing torpedoes at enemy cruisers, while normal swarm drones with plasma cannons keep them distracted. Drones would also be blueprintable.

To counter drones, I suggest a new type of autoturret that is always on, the AD gun. (A play on AA guns). The new turrets would autotarget the main ship computer of drones and fire constant shots. (I have a design below)

Having your ship launch drones would be as simple as attaching it to end rod drone launcher. (As shown in the pictures below.) A special sign saying [launcher] with the second line being the number (or letter/word) of the drone squadron would make it a multiblock.

A sign to launch the drones in a squadron would say [launch] and the second line being the squadron intended to launch. To return drones to their launchers, a sign saying [return] and the second line being the squadron number would cause the drones to return to a corresponding launcher. A sign saying [control] and the squadron number would allow the pilot to control the drones in a direct control style in spectator mode. Different squadron actions would become the player’s hotbar. Example, clicking with a formation item changes squadron formation. It would feel very minecraft-y, but also like carrier aircraft in World of Warships.

Last but not least, balance. A squadron could not number more than 10 (for lag and fairness reasons). All drones in a squadron must be the same (damaged drones cannot launch). This way a special squadron must be launched for every mission.

This would bring about a new age of fighting for SL. (And space mining if you were to put drills on drones with a storage chest XD). Please give me your thoughts/comments on this idea, and Micle, PLEASE PLEASE ADD THIS!
[Pictures are below]

//As you can see here, the observer is facing the front of this ship.

//The AD defense system. That is all it would need.

//Command signs for drones.

//Drone launcher multiblock.

//Drone launcher multiblock connected to a basic drone.

Ship size in survival

Dang this is a really good and well thought out Idea. I’d be really happy if this was added, sounds super cool!


This is super cool, having a escort mode would be cool also.


Ok for real man, one word. AWESOME! Now I have one or two ideas for balancing and I think it would be neat.

#1: So maybe the main computer or something of the drone also acts like a camera and you can view through it (as you mentioned in spectator) But maybe while in spectator you still have your body where it is (like the 5 minute wait when you log off) To make the player controlling it (if it is manual control) still able to be killed.

#2: So this is just me and purely for a balancing. So you mentioned swarms of droids which would be AWESOME. but think about it. What if they all had weapons and shields? I say leave the weapons alone but maybe the shields are only half effective as the shields on a ship. (so in basic terms shields only have half HP)
That way the drones arnt super OP in combat.

 However, instead of what I think this could a INCREDIBLE addition to the server. Great Idea and props for putting so much effort into it. Micle read the post and add his idea, please!


For balancing, yes, I think shields should be weaker (or even completely new types). The reason I believe anything should be able to be attached is simple, a drone that costs the same as a starfighter is more inefficient than a player IN that same starship, get what I mean? Low amounts of drones would be tougher than swarm drones. But micle already told me he likes the idea but probably wont add it.