Droids With bases and stuff

NPC’s that are droids but they spawn in groups of different types in:
1 NPC bases in small unclaimed bits of land roughly the size of Krans Micro with an area shield, maybe a base shield, and lots of droids
2 space in somewhat big ships (probably not out of fly blocks at least the very exterior because you could just fly away with it, or make it DN size so nobody can fly away with it without taking it over) with an areashield and maybe a special turret only able to be fired by droids so that they have anti-ship defenses, plus having droids with blaster rifles, and maybe cannons snipers and pistols. If it doesn’t get defensive weapons make it have an area or two where boarding is easy but droids guard the entrance and shoot you and add droids with blaster cannons in space shooting you.
Also make it so the droids are of varying effectiveness and possibly weapons so like Tier 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3 which there are fewer of in bases as they get better. Additionally make it so you can get certain parts of theirs alongside using your own materials to make your own droids to do fighting and maybe building/mining stuff on the ground.

These might be reset daily, weekly, monthly, but the bases should probably be reset occasionally so that more people can use them and kill things.

If anything here is terrible to read ping me in the discord but rn im going to bed