Diseases & Infections

I’m back with another suggestion; this one’s an extra challenge for more advanced settlements (because when you’re in a big developed city with lots of resources, the game has less challenges than the nomad life; even though this is intentional. Bear with me). Imagine diseases and infections. I came across this idea after remembering the server I played before I discovered SL, MCCities (I hear a few of us came from there!). They had a bunch of unique mechanics, including diseases (so I know that a system with a lot of depth is fully possible here). If you were too hot or cold or ate rotten food, your chance of getting a disease were increased a lot (or you could catch a cold randomly). In addition, the spread of these ailments player-to-player were possible.

Feature suggestions

  • Add diseases and ailments, both random ones that cannot be spread and infectious ones that can
  • /suicide doesn’t get rid of it, but being killed normally does (idk how this would work but we’ve got to have some way to keep people from just getting rid of it that way)
  • Syringes (craftable) to collect blood of different animals and infected players to help craft:
  • Vaccines. Injecting these into a player will make them more immune to a disease, with different immunity strengths in players. Each player by default has low-random immunity values to each disease, these are merely increased by vaccines.
  • Cures. Both of the above are good for prevention, but curing someone of a disease they already have requires expensive, complicated treatment for the toughest, rarest diseases but simple ones can be wished away with a little basic medicine. How this works, we’ll figure that out in terms of crafting and such
  • Vaccine production involving multiblocks. Firstly, a bioreactor. Uses a small amount of power to make each vaccine (operates quite slowly). Use syringes from animals and chicken eggs (growth medium), along with syringes filled with infected players’ blood (maybe with a centrifuge step for the infected samples?) to do this step. After, put vaccines (crafted by putting an extra tip onto a syringe, maybe?) into the product part of the bioreactor to fill it. Depending on whether you used the right combination or not to create the vaccine, it may or may not work. It would be interesting to see what people do with test subjects (in addition; an infected blood sample plunged into another player would make them sick in more ways than one). Please also add some sort of labeller multi block so people can industrially rename things (e.g. since the game won’t tell you whether or not the vaccine is functional or not, you might rename it to "x disease vaccine model 3 " or something) since xp gathering is kinda a forgotten art, or don’t and let people make xp grinders lol
  • Catch diseases semi-randomly; your risk is increased if you’re starving, too cold or hot, etc. Risk is decreased by being vaccinated and natural immunity. If you’ve fought off the disease before, your risk is slightly decreased assuming it isn’t the type that just remains dormant. Planetary diseases too; e.g. on some planets you can catch parasitic diseases and other juicy lore enhancers
  • Infirmary multiblock for diagnosis
  • To keep people on their toes Micle can add a new tough disease in secret (disguised as something else in GitHub?) and wait for it to randomly infect someone to spice up gameplay during a time of widespread peace of something

I think this would be interesting. Totally wasn’t inspired by the coronavirus outbreak. It would be fun to see players set up pharmaceutical companies and/or race to cure something before it kills everyone in their big dense city. Imagine a quarantined planet (subnautica vibes intensify)

This is just an incovincence. There is no upside to it.

Add bioweapons and we got a deal.

Bioweapons would be possible :smirk:

Nebuobbles; that’s the point, it’s to make urban life harder

Okay but do we really want to blow a ton of time and effort just to make players annoyed? I can annoy people for free.


We should make chickenpox be given to anyone who throws an egg so we have to be careful with chicken transportation.

You might not need to do it yourself; you could probably tweak a diseases plugin

YES im about to claim the three million bounty or whatever on this person that i’ll probs never get another chance at again cough ugh cough i think i might be coming down with something gets killed. does seem like a bit of an inconvenience