Disabling Combat - Reasoning and Explanation


Welcome to SL 2019. Combat has been reduced to smaller dogfights until either nation launches a BC and you run before it arrives. This is why I have this proposition: remove combat.

-Putting weapons on ships slows down our ships, therefore slowing down our time to do trade routes. If we don’t have combat, we can all go faster on our trade routes and get more done, and everyone will be happy.

-No more resources needed to be put into wiring around the base for shields and such, as bases will be completely safe! No more risk of getting attacked.

-More fun for everyone! A peaceful Star Legacy is more beneficial to everyone. We can all do our trade routes with smiles on our faces, without a need to worry about evil pirates interrupting us (even though we can easily outrun them anyways).

-Really, all we need on SL is just the ability to do trade runs over and over. Combat is useless and messy, and very time consuming! Let’s all just be friends and be peaceful, allowing for more progress to be made.


-Happier players! Most people are colonists anyways so it won’t affect the overall population much.

-Toxic pirates will leave! Everyone knows all pirates are toxic salty people who don’t contribute to the community. We don’t want them as a part of SL.

-Trade routes are faster with faster ships, as a lack of weapon blocks will speed us up!

-Bases are cheaper and easier to build without shields and such! No worry of being attacked is good for everyone!

-Less resources need to be dedicated to combat! Combat is messy, boring, and time consuming, not to mention a waste of our valuable currency obtained by trading!

If you can’t tell, this post is dripping with sarcasm. However, it does send a warning: without combat, SL could become stale and outdistanced by competitors. Please make combat slightly more reasonable and doable! :smiley:


Please go kek yerself


please just no. NO COMBAT?? that would ruin the server. it would turn it into grindcraft.


Just, just no. This idea is somehow worse than the idea of re enabling getting xp from killing people.


When no one reads the last line of the post…


When nobody actually reads the thread and don’t get the message trying to be conveyed…


OOF, I read most of it, but didn’t get to the last line XD.


Ever since this server basically became eurotruck simulator in space it’s been hard to stay active. At least KSP punishes you for being dumb. This space UN- er… I mean Republic thing does a good job of keeping the server quiet.


That may be the best way of phrasing it I’ve ever heard.


While this post, taken unironically (which I know it isn’t meant to be), is extreme, I do think that the people complaining about how combat is “dead” and “worthless” are also a bit exaggerated. The difference between combat now and combat during the “good” old days is that one major motivation has been removed: XP. Combat is and was still driven by money and by sport, and in my opinion this is sufficient. People still fight, people still die, and while some may argue that most combat comes from sport hunters, the arguments that take place in global over “give me back my stuff” are evidence enough that combat is still economic. In addition, warships are able to carry some crates for a reason — shooting down crateships and pilfering their loot. I don’t see people take advantage of this much. Combat is still very present and doesn’t need to be boosted any more than it already is.


I guess we should look on the bright side - not having to fear war all the time gives you time to prepare for a possible future war.
There will be a war in the future, and a very bloody one too. Economic reasons to fight, kind of like what yodabird mentioned, will expand. This is because living space and resources are finite. It will be a very long time before they are depleted, but they ARE depleting; Quod Canis has no remaining space at all and thus no one can go to mine the chetherite unless they are in a nation with a land claim. Chetherite is not really scarce, but not abundant either, in the asteroids. Does this mean there will be a war over Quod? Not any time soon, but the conditions to start one are already there. I suppose we’re lucky to live in a time of quiet piece, because it’s a lot easier to fortify your base when no one is nuking it.


Cool Idea

JK you suck. This is the dumbest thing since Logan Paul’s Forest vid


NEWS: The server is finally revived by a new wave of warfare and piracy! I feel alive again. The blood in my veins has stopped being -30 degrees celsius! I mean, I’ll be out of the conflict until I build the New Nethergrad Industrial Plant but it’s a start!