Died on joining?!


hello there, I just wanted to know, is it normal to die on joining the server when you leave alive?
because that happened to me yesterday.



What were the circumstances when you left? If you didn’t do /logout then you left an NPC after you logged out, players and I believe mobs can still attack this.


Only players. The NPC lasts five minutes after logging. This’ll be removed probably within two weeks max when the update is done


Well, i guess i just did not get notified i had to do /logout… rip 500 credits and 2 starter kits…


Fairly cheap way to learn that lesson imo. Doing /logout is safest or just ensure that when you log off no one is close enough to get to you in 5 min.

But as Micle said this is a feature that will be going away soon so stay tuned.


You’re right. I should have thought about it…