Deleting a planet (so I can improve on it)


So, I’m deleting a chunk of harenum by mining it. No biggie. But then I need to somehow load in a schematic (a 512*512 custom terrain I made in worldpainter), Into creative server preferably, that I can save as a ship blueprint. In creative I would reduce it to a single layer of terracotta thick surface and attach a concrete cube to it to make it flyable. After that one of the numerous people in my nation who can fly dreadnoughts could be asked to fly it into position for me. After that the concrete cube will be removed and many measures will be taken to ensure it is no longer flyable and entirely/permenatly stuck in the ground.

Naturally, doing the entire thing as one blueprint loading would crash the server.
Should I:
Load it in 250k chunks to creative
Load in 200k
Load in 150k
Load in 100k
Load in 50k
Or do my Removing-terracotta-that-isnt-surface-layer in single player, allowing me to reduce it to around 3k? (500*500= 2500, giving 500 other so for blocks that are exposed but under other blocks [it’s a canyon]) this option will be extremely boring. I’d rather be able to chat with the server while I do this project, but I also don’t want to crash the server. Please leave your ideas below.


512x512 isn’t THAT big, only a quarter space plot. Also, 500×500=25,000 not 2,500


It’s multiple layers of terracotta thick, a couple million blocks. And big oof on the multiplication. Midnight isn’t a good time to math I guess


4:50 AM isn’t either apparently. 500 * 500 = 250,000


Do you think a server can handle loading a file that big?


I’ve seen more done with worldedit, and I’d assume SL could handle it… Better safe than sorry though.


Just realized. Worldediting the floor of a spaceplots is one million blocks. So we know it can handle that. I’ll just remove extra stuff in single player before porting.