Declaration of War


In light of the battle of Hades on 12/8/2018 (year 38 Universal Era), we have acknowledged the threat that TSS and its hostile military provides to the peace and security of our allies on Arbusto. TSS threatens the lives of the unprovoked people of Alfenheim, a nation we are allied with.

TSS’s aggression has already been met by a successful police action on Arbusto. TSS troops were annihilated by the QSS Salamander Man very quickly while fleeing to their own borders. However, after the battle, the war continued. TSS continues to threaten the security of Alfenheim and possibly trade on Arbusto. They have the potential to cause so much more possible danger because it should be expected that they’d have a fleet in reserve currently.

The war has already started and been fought, but it’s only the beginning. We, as the leaders of the United Cerus Beta, declare war on TSS. And we will win.


The law will prevail.


I declared war too. Also Sabre, a TSS sister nation lead by Emitter is at war with me.


AHAHAHA that’s my Emitter!


i will help you fight your war as it rages on in 2019 but there will be a price you see us pirates need money so i will fight if you give me money


Cool, what is your IGN?