Death and taxes


A concept based in reality with potentially large ramifications.
(Semi) Custom rates for tariffs taken as a total % of credits exchanged within your trade city.
This idea proposes that for every sale made in your trade city, a certain % is taken out and deposited in the settlement balance, similar to a sales tax like can be found in many U.S. States. This number can be adjusted by the owner of the trade city from between (proposed numbers) 2% flat tax rate and a 12% flat tax rate. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both higher and lower rates, (namely decreased traffic with a higher profit margin for high rates, and vice versa).
This profitability adds strong incentive to creating the most impressive and commercially friendly environment possible to attract the players to your city rather than the others, while maintaining the integrity of cities by allowing for other, cheaper options.


ATM you just straight up get 5% of the revenue deposited to your settlement. However, I kind of like the idea of having it be an actual tarrif or whatever and be use defined.