D4C is recruiting!


Hey all! I am looking for new members for my settlement on the South side of Syre.

We are primarily production/ mining based settlement, printing and selling ships, as well as selling refined ores and printed materials. I am also focused on growing the settlement into a trade city, as the required facilities already completed.

Joining allows you access to our massive material factory, allowing you to produce your own ships for pennies on the credit. You will also reap the benefits of being part the largest alliance of nations on the server, such as mutual defense. D4C is part of Arimfea, the 2nd largest nation buy active player count.

All new members will be provided a large personal living space, and access to all settlement facilities, including the factory, mines, mining ships, base defenses, and ship production facilities.

New recruits won’t be required to pass any sort of test, just agree to stay active and contribute in some way to the settlement and nation. There are no limiting rules, and I view my members more as equals then underlings. Members inactive for 30+ days without explanation will be kicked.

If you’re interested in joining, DM me on discord @Clayton#3583 or join our discord at https://discord.gg/EXpuzjm