Custom Uniforms


İdk if we can because i dont know minecraft plugins. but maybe we can make custom uniforms? that’d be one of coolest things on server.


It’d probably be near impossible to code seeing as multiple types of power armor are already not feasible.


Actually, it is completely feasible. It would take a lot of work, but it would be interesting to have in the server.


or just dye the power armor?


I think the suggestion is to have more than that.


ye, it wouldnt be so cool if you had a special army unform?
like 1st Pilot regiment unform İT would be so COOL


You could do that yourself for your nation using dyes


what if we use similar codings with vanilla flags?


If you really wanted, you could make an outfit for your nation using novaskin, then save it as clothing so people can overlay it onto their own skins, then BOOM!