Crews on Starlegacy


On SL, it takes one person to operate a ship the majority of the time. One person can pilot, and fire weapons, and plan routes, etc. Even if two people are aboard, the second one usually just watches on map or occasionally gets in a turret to help. This is my proposition: makes crews useful and necessary.

What does this mean?
Larger ships mean larger crews needed. For example, a destroyer could take four people to fly it, one for each weaponset, a pilot, and a navigator (has to enter coordinates for jumps). The person who pilots the ship would automatically be designated as the pilot by the system. Then, the pilot can go into an interface and pick roles for players aboard.

Likewise, smaller ships mean less crew needed
A starfighter and corvette should be able to be piloted by a single person, as they are small and controllable. However, the crew needed to fly would begin at frigates. A frigate requires two people, one to fire weapons and one to pilot.

Now, I know the entire server population is going “reeeeeee I shouldn’t need to have friends to fly ships! this is so stupid. nobody likes this idea. go commit extended stay in 7A aviforma.”

Wait a second, you can fly your ships without friends. In fact, this hardly affects traders at all, considering they wouldn’t need crews to fire weaponry and such. Only massive trade ships would require a second crew member to do jumps and such. This only affects people going into battle, which means the majority of the server would remain unaffected. And if you were flying a massive trade ship alone and suddenly were chased? Well, you could switch your role from pilot to a gunner or something of the sort, and man the weaponry without moving. This means larger ships are going to be more like ships in Star Wars, where they don’t run straight into the fray but instead move slowly or not at all, while smaller ships fight and dodge gunfire. And we all know SL is meant to be entirely based around Star Wars.


I like it but I wanna see NPCs on ships first… I like the idea though, sounds more realistic for this than it is right now.


Also NPCs on ships (if added) should be a expensive but useful thing


And what use for a ship would an NPC have? It seems like an excuse to just turn all your weapons into autoturrets if they can fire weaponry.


Good point and… well use them for other purposes besides weapons… then they would be used as a crew member for jumping or maybe even piloting (one would probably be cheaper than other).


I am against NPC crew.
But I love the idea of crew being more of a benefit.
maybe make it so that certain things like Gravity Well cannot be operated by the Captain. Devide up the tech into role based positions, engineer, Gunner, Science Officer.
perhaps add new skills to the advancement tree?


JoCube, level 50 Engineer, ship speed is increased by .5%


Only problem is if you have nobody to help you online… then you have to be a one man crew or use AI


^ This

Essentially the problem with crews is that you can never rely on people to be there because it’s Minecraft


Maybe the system still works but not as well? Which would promote using crew or smaller ships.


Why promote smaller ship use, nobody would level up then


Levelling up just to fly a bigger ship just to have an advantage in combat over lower “level” or newer players is a poor reason for levelling up.
the idea of Minecraft was to get rid of levels and create a sandbox where skill was what won.


Yes but people still want big ships to make big money. If everyone uses shuttles to crate then trade cities would make little profit


Make crews optional- problems solved. You still can have your friends control the heavy turrets on your ships as of now with nodes while you fire aux or main. Just implement these features as optional for ships to make them stronger with multiple people.


I swear to god, this idea is dumb.
Did you know that, as of about an hour before I wrote this post, Creta city had only 3 active members? That’s enough to pilot a single destroyer (if we assume based on the pattern). Not to mention that it’s incredibly scarce for any 2 or more members of the same settlement to be online at the same time. It’s already extremely time-consuming to rank up to access cruiser, but now you’d have to have 4 people also rank up to that level and have them all online at the same time with nothing else for them to be working on?

Also, this would make it pretty much impossible for anyone in a small settlement to defend themselves no matter how fortified their base is, because if your enemy is in a cruiser and you’re the only person online you’ll be totally defenseless against that cruiser even if your attack it with turrets (attackers run away from turrets once their shields are low)


After reading Xarulok’s message, I thought that another possibility for crews, since stealth drives has also been a discussion, have a special line of stealth ships that would require a crew to operate which would allow both the ideas of stealth drives and crews on SL to work hand in hand.


I want ground forces and robots like droid armies that shoot bad like storm troopers that’s all im saying


Ok that sounds reasonable, and i have ideas to how that could work. Not gonna express them here or now.


starlegacy doesn’t have a valid playerbase for that. We only get 20 people daily (at least). It might work for Eve Online. but not SL


Agreed, this just isn’t practical