Cooler wheat farming

So this is a idea for a new device. basically right now wheat farming and other stuff like potatoes and carrots is basically like the default minecraft farming. default minecraft farming is like almost even less advanced then modern farming where there is tractors and stuff. so what if we had a device you could put on the bottom of a ship (maybe uses power and has radius’s similar to a drill) that would like plow the ground like as if you used a hoe on it. then there would be a second machine that plants seeds, and maybe a 3rd machine that harvests them. i think this would be cool and let wheat/potato/carrot farming cooler.

Or just use redstoning and current technology to make mostly automatic farms

but that isnt cool and doesnt use advanced technology besides redstone

Autocrafters aren’t redstone last I checked :stuck_out_tongue:

doesnt automatically collect wheat though does it?

you cant plant seeds with redstone, which is kinda oof. also i think this would make it more intresting.