Cloaks and how to make them work

OK so I have some ideas how to make cloaks work. Basically, went you activate a cloak, your ship will phase out with some sorta glass animation and you won’t be seen any more. Of course, while cloaked weapons are non-fire-able and shields will be lowered. Meaning if a weapon hits where your ship would be, an explosion will occur and probably reveal you. When you uncloak weapons need 5-10 seconds to charge before firing.

Other cloaking benefits- You won’t be highlighted or seen on the sidebar. You will be put in some sorta vanish so /getpos won’t work and you will not appear on the map.

Sizes will have to be added
Small - Starfighters to Frigates
Medium - Destroyers to Battlecruisers
Large - Star Destroyers and Dreadnoughts

A counter would have to be added though. Heres my idea.
A type of multiblock that basically reveals cloaked ship. However, that alone seems a bit OP. So each cloak would have a frequency and the multiblock would have to be set to that frequency in order to reveal any cloaked ship. These multiblocks could also cycle frequencies so you can search for cloaked ships without randomly guessing numbers. Each ship has a different frequency.

Thank you for reading

EDIT: Make cloak advancment somewhat expensive so not every ship has a cloak

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Or flares. Flares can ‘paint’ or mark a target and reveal them. But you have to hit the ship exactly, and it would pretty much be the same as lasers.

Or grav wells disrupt cloaking devices

But I feel like this would be useful for cargo ships hiding from pirates or pirates hiding from autoturrets

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The multiblock idea would basically do what you just said about grav wells just less OP

Flare Idea would be a good one that is less expensive

Idea: advanced cloak in which you can fire light weapons from but it temporarily shows you on map and stuff. Also cloaks in general cause a distortion or make your ship black glass so as to not be op but it makes you the player invisible

Umm ok my thoughts on that

Black stained glass: Its meant to make your ship INVISIBLE. I can see barriers being used.

Advnaced Cloak that allows you to shoot weapons while cloaked: MAJOR balance issues

What about legit just being able to fire a pulse cannon seeing as cloaks would use lots of power, but in Star Trek they could still fire them (I don’t think cloaks are a thing in Star Wars but idk). Also it would give you away on map and sidebar for 3 secondsish.

Also maybe just like a black stained glass block at your ship comp, or if in planet no visible blocks. One black block in space is hard to find at least I think…

Cloaks were a thing in Star Wars, but the ship would have to fully decloak before being able to fire any weapons and they still gave off a magnetic signature that certain ships with the proper equipment could track even in a cloaked state.

Bro I have an entire ship made of black

Uses mostly for sneaking up on people

Well writing this I realised that it won’t work