Cloak Device for ships


A multi block device that uses power for every second it is active. While active the ship and player are invisible. Cloak cannot be activated unless the ship is at a full stop and not firing weapons. Moving (the ship) or firing weapons would turn off the cloak. Larger ships would cost more power.

This feature would allow players to evade in combat or trick someone into thinking that they passed into hyperspace. or delaying a hyperspace jump to enter jump coordinates. It could also give a pilot a short reprieve for shields to regenerate or load weapons if such is ever added.


Shouldn’t be hard to do, all micle would really have to do is make one block completely invis (or use barriers) and replace all ship blocks, and make player 100% invis
shouldn’t be too hard to do


he means on the map and about it only at standstill, how about another multiblock that counters the cloak in for example 3k range, so that it doesn’t need to be at standstill


And how, exactly, do you propose this could be done without making the pilot not able to see their own ship?
A better idea would be a multiblock that hides you from the dynamap and the contacts screen, provided that the criteria you mentioned for keeping the shield active are met, although movement could be allowed.
The idea is that the cloak tries to stop as much trackable emissions as possible. A visual will see it clear as day, but it can’t be tracked long range. The consequence is that firing a weapon or moving too fast makes you trackable, defeating the shield. That way you can cruise out of the way of a pirate without being able to have a combat advantage or you can set up a deadly ambush so long as you don’t mess up. Sort of like the stealth tech in mass effect
Firing any weapon or cruising at more than 15 bps would de-cloak you and make you visible on the map and the contacts screen.


heat emmission could also be used, weapons and thrusters produce heat, how more surface area, how more weapons/thrusters you can use.
also gives a reason to not build spheres anymore.

so this means that you can have a high cruise speed, if you have enough surface area


Why can’t we just agree on a ship, no contacts, dynmap and not weapon firing in use instead of talking about anything like surface area…?


complicated = more development for good starship designers = more fun building and testing