Chicken realm + portal

The Qusmubian Aerospace Corporation has been experimenting with extremely dense chicken-matter for years. One time the containment failed and chickens invaded the complex in large numbers. Scientists speculate that the event was caused by a ‘chickengularity’, a region of space so densely packed with chickens it creates a region of the lag-time continuum no matter can escape from. Under the theory of quantum lag-time, a rotating chickengularity could twist lag-time so much it creates a portal to another dimension. Some researchers have argued this dimension could provide FTL travel or unlimited energy, but researchers who pursue this field start worshipping strange chicken monsters.

I have a fun idea: Everytime you cram 50 chickens into a single block, a spherical portal appears and releases waves of ridiculously overpowered chicken jockeys possessing absurdly high strength and speed as well as enchanted swords and decent regeneration. They don’t drop their swords on death. They will spawn another wave when you kill them all and the only way to stop them is to go into the portal and jump through an awful dimension called the Chicken Realm where the sky is red, there’s floating islands, OP chicken jockeys everywhere, and lava lakes as well. You have to kill a mega-chicken-jockey which spawns pretty far away from the portal and is much stronger than other chicken jockeys. Once you return to the portal you’ll go back home and the portal will disappear. Yes this is a joke.

Entity cramming would kill them instantly.

Actually, there’s a handy little value in server settings that allows entity cramming to begin at a higher setting. Personally, I thought the suggestion was funny. (go back to being banned Silver)

I like this idea lol


:crab: ghost is gone :crab: