Chetherite as Fuel for Power Generators


Hello folks,

Not sure if this has either already been suggested and denied, or already in the game and the wiki just hasn’t been updated in a while, but here is my small suggestion. I would think that in addition to chetherite being used as the fuel for hyperdrives, that it could also be used for power generators. In my opinion, I don’t know how good it should be as a fuel, but it if I were to choose, it would be a little less powerful than uranium with a little less cooldown. Maybe 8000 power and 1500 cooldown.

Hopefully this didn’t sound too stupid,
Jat, the terrible meme


Meh. Chetherite is a valuable resource as it is and making it more valuable just makes economic tycoons more overpowered.


That is a fair point, Xar, and to be honest I don’t know a fair way around it.

I considered it, with the price of chetherite is at its lowest 14.5/piece last I checked. Then again, if I recall, pardon me if I’m wrong, doesn’t one of the new planets contain chetherite? If so, that would also cut the prices down due to more supply, but I am no economic analyst. I tried to ignore the economic aspect of it, believing that the economy was player-controlled and that prices can crash/skyrocket any second. As you said, increasing the value of chetherite would just make the tycoons more overpowered, but was mainly focusing on the usage of it, not the price. I just noticed there was somewhat of a gap between the low-power low-cooldown fuels and the high-power high-cooldown fuels, so I thought chetherite could fill that gap.

Hopefully this response also doesn’t sound too stupid,
Jat, the terrible meme