Chest Shop Rent


Greetings Everyone!

So in light of upcoming trade cities and the possibility that my city of Atlantis might become one I’ve been thinking about renting out space for chest shops at an area I set up that I call the grand market. I would like the market to be a thriving place where almost anything can be purchased but also need to charge rent to offset the balance of being a trade city. I would like to know your opinions on what would be a reasonable rent that is fair and would attract merchants to set up shop. Please post your thoughts and amounts below. Thank you.



A possible idea is the rent is based off of what a particular player is selling since someone may sell particular things for a really high price while others may sell things for a lower price. So each player will earn a different amount, so having a flexible rent price will probably attract merchants selling a wider variety of items accomplishing both your goal of having almost anything purchased while also allowing the merchants to sell whatever they have.

Of course this is just the idea that popped into my head as I read your post.