Changes for Pirating to rise again

Yes, the server has little risk right now. Is a pirate coming your way? Don’t worry, you have a trade city close enough to you that you can simply go there. Now, chat has come up with a system to fix this several times while allowing trading to still exist. Here we go:

“Docking Process” for ships/players to gain protection at a city, they must dock their ship. This process automatically begins after you type [/dock] in the chat. When you do, your ship will freeze, unable to move or fire weapons. If you go the 5 minutes without being shot at, your ship will dock and you and your ship will gain the city’s protection. However, if your ship is shot, your docking timer resets and you are forced to either try again or leave.

This means:

-Players can still trade quickly, but it will be riskier and you have a chance of being intercepted mid trade run. Otherwise, you can play it safe and wait to dock before beginning trading. Unfortunately, you will not gain city protection and can be attacked during this time.

-Pirates can actually go… pirate? No need to worry about people just running to their nearest city, you can kill them before they dock!

Return the combat NPC time to 5 minutes (if you haven’t already). At some point, during the second VEGA war the combat time was changed to one minute, which makes hunting nearly impossible for pirates if someone logs off. For this, add back the [/logout] command for the safe logout.

This means:

-Even more risk! Players now need to watch out, or wait the logout time to not be killed after logging off.

TLDR: Make it harder to gain trade city protection, and make combat NPC’s viable.

this post was made by the pierat gang