Carrier vessel concepts


While imagining protocols for a fleet, I came across the problem that sending each ship to another solar system by themselves is a waste of a lot of chetherite. It seems feasible to get around this by allowing ships to hitch a ride on a larger ship which can ferry fighters or even small corvettes to the target. We have a few options if we want to attempt this.

  1. Place fighters in a hangar inside the larger warship
  2. Connect fighters to the larger warship with pistons
  3. Connect fighters to the larger warship with docking tubes (docking tubes don’t work right now if I recall correctly, but nonetheless if they did work it’d be a viable option)

Which idea is a better concept? Any additional concepts?


My battle cruiser has a hanger that holds two scouts and can factory any number more if there is a need.

Use pistons, they are a safer bet. Msg me if you want to see the JediBattleCruiser.


Well, why would pistons be a safer bet? Is it because it’s hard to armor hangar doors?


I think pistons are down less often then docking tubes.


True. Pistons don’t break every time someone changes the economy plugin.


Right now, I’m working on a super-carrier that’s battle-cruiser/battleship sized. So just ask if you want to see my concepts and gain ideas, also have access to other carriers made on the server, you can take a look at as well, Just ask me in game.


docking tubes are in the machinery plugin, not the economy plugin, and they should work very well now since they’re rewritten


@MicleBrick Next time you rewrite Docking Tubes can you please place the sign to activate them down by our feet so it is easier to see past them and line up for docking?


I could make that an option sometime, put that on the tracker and i’ll mark it as an enhancement.