Carrier Multiblock


OK. Here I go asking for another thing that is asked for often in a somewhat unique, but not really unique manner!
Alright, this is a suggestion for a carrier multiblock, a carrier multiblock would be 2 multiblocks that attach to each other to dock a ship without unpiloting the ship being docked to.
A fighter will fly into a hangar bay, or on the side of the big ship (wherever you place the accepting multiblock) and the fighter will right click it’s carrier docking sign, the fighter will then be docked!
Other mechanics I’d imagine a Carrier Multiblock having:

  • The requesting multiblock will only be able to be added to fighters and corvettes, The accepting one will only be added to t3 ships and up. (frigates, LF, Destroyers, MF, Cruisers, BF, ect.)

  • The multiblock that goes into the ship that will carry other ships weighs down the ship a lot. (perhaps a unique block could help with that) That way the more ships the carrier can carry, the slower it goes, and the more armored it is.

  • When A fighter docks to a carrier it is completely disabled until undocked, meaning you can’t attach 10 fighters, have 11 people and suddenly have some sort of super weapon (this includes the fighter’s shields, so if you’re gonna set up a carrier multiblock on the outside of your ship, you better be prepared to deploy your fighters fast.

  • The multiblock sign would work similarly to a weapon set sign, being able to be activated from away from the actual structure if it’s a part of that starship.

  • The carrying ship won’t gain mass when a fighter is docked to it.

I believe this multiblock will allow for much more fun and strategic fights to go on with the ability to deploy fighters and corvettes. It’ll make teamwork more possible, and It can make warships with more space inside more common.

If you have anything else to add that may be cool, please tell!

and of course, if you’d like me to elaborate, or if you’d like to give your opinion, reply.



Yes. Just yes.

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@IceCarim and I have been working on something like this. It’s an escape shuttle should things go wrong.


@EnderPort Would be hard to do without something like this


So, with the redoing of the starships plugin, this wont be needed due to the ability to redetect a ship while it’s piloted :smiley: