Capture NPC trade outposts


Self descriptive. Nations can capture trade outposts on cities the same way that they can capture space stations. These trade outposts collect a fixed % of every sale as a tax. This promotes ground and “combined arms” battles (over the control of the post) involving foot combat and ships for a much more dynamic combat environment, while also adding another purpose to nations. This further incentivizes player counter-piracy so that people are more likely to use outposts controlled by your nation.

Think of this as a “seal of safety” IE (nation A) has a reputation of protecting their outposts. This could lead the player to choose a trade post operated by A more frequently than a post controlled by (nation B) who is known for harassing traders, even if the profits to trading at a B outpost are more lucrative!
In essence, the idea is a way of making trade runs even more dynamic and requiring some wit and know how to really succeed.

Stop me if this is too much work, but this could even be expanded upon to add trade missions to the current space stations, adding some real value to controlling a station and encouraging minor nations to flex their potential for control.


The trade system is designed around territories, space stations aren’t a possibility. I do want to make npc outposts capturable but it’s mostly a question of mechanics. With the new plugin framework it wouldn’t be difficult to add though


I’m probably going to start working on this soon as it’ll be one of the ways to make XP (killing enemies during a siege), so if anyone has additional ideas, feel free to add to this discussion.


Should trade outposts have defenses added? Should players be able to build in them?
I personally think players should not be able to do any building in the outposts, but it’s a worthwhile point to discuss


They’ll definitely not be buildable in, unless we make it so you can e.g. build in a certain area which is also something to do with how it’s actually captured. Like say, to capture it, you need to blow up a flag, but to get to it, you have to get through a bunch of automated defenses within a certain amount of time?


Potential issues with automated defenses, how would it be made effective against players?


I have some ideas for automated defenses, might make a separate thread for that. Basic premise is having turrets that automatically fire on people who you program it to (ex. non-allies), they’d probably be disabled in NPC cities while they are not under siege but you could theoretically have it in your settlement city to stop enemies from profiting from it, and maybe some new types of doors that can only be opened by allies.

EDIT: On second thought, maybe that could be an advantage to capturing an NPC city - adding turrets :laughing:, those turrets could even bypass city protection…

EDIT 2: Perhaps only for ships though or something, it might be OP to have it right where people sell crates