Can we get more Specialized Starship's

i mean the interdictor is cool and all but adding some other Specialized Starship’s maybe with bigger container stats or special features would be cool like hyperdrive efficiency ability or ramming ability? and you don’t have to add to many i mean like 3 more for level 25[XXV] 75[LXXV] and 100[C] since the interdictor is unlocked at level 50[L].so miclebrick please consider some of my idea’s also if you the community like my idea’s please support miclebrick so he can make this a thing thank’s.

iirc, new ship classes aren’t really accept atm; so yeah. Of course if my info is outdated, someone do please correct me :laughing:

A ramming ship would be interesting… especially if it does more damage based on current speed and such, but difficult with the current cruising mechanics