Can there be a list of full rules, as there are currently no lists


basicly, the only 4 rules that i could find was using /rules and the link there doesn’t work anymore, so could there be a list of all the rules?


Go to the starlegacy discord the rules are there,in the read me section. If you don’t want to open discord here’s the rules

  1. Respect all players
  2. No cheating or exploiting
  3. No inappropriate words or creations
  4. No stealing/griefing in claimed land
  5. No Advertising
    Be polite to new players, and don’t kill any under level 12 (they’re still figuring the basics out, it isn’t fair!)
    Do not ping staff roles unless its an emergency
    Do not ping the owner AT ALL
    If the server is down and not being immediatly handled, let an admin know(A single ping or dm is all that is needed).
    If you have an issue bring it up with staff IN DMs


Does that mean that players are not allowed to take crates off a ship that they beat in SvS on the losers settlement or nation?