Can I be unbanned please thanks


:Why were you banned? Called Xar a hypocrite
I argue with staff a lot
Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I like to play SL
Have you learned your lesson? Will you act differently? yes


Alright, I can see that silver makes better appeals. I deny it due to a few reasons.

  1. You’ve said you would be better multiple times and you haven’t proven it once.
  2. Those were not the reasons of your ban.
  3. That’s no reason to be unbanned.
    The real reasons go as followed:

Warnings (Oldest to Newest):
Promoting rule breaking to noobs
Bypassing Filter
Caps spam
Come back when you’ll be less toxic

Ban Increase (I):
Cussing at mods and promoting SQ

Ban Increase (II):
Disrespecting staff, questioning staff decision, and being toxic

So I hereby deny and close your appeal.