Bring back pirating

Over the past about Half year micle has made many changes to the server slowly making things harder for both skilled players and pirates of all kinds

First he added a bunch of bigger ship classes that are simply impossible for any pilot no matter how much skill to take down then he made the new system to pirates forcing all pirate nations to go colonist or leave the server then every month he did little things first to land pirates removed all usefulness of sabers blaster cannons and pvp then he makes slight changes to ships and completely ruins grav wells on small ships and blows away any ideas made by pirates such as tardis’ item collector I will try to keep this short so people will actually read it point is that micle got rid of the pirate playerbase and removed skill from SL

Things that MUST be changed

Less people with dreadnoughts SDs and BCs
Why? Because it removes skill from the game people can simply set their HTs to anyone in a smaller ship and they’re automatically dead

Bring back some good features that were ruined like blaster cannons, grav wells, saber deflection of autos etc
Why? Because it is almost impossible to attack without these things

If there is one thing you take away from this, one thing to be added back bring back the need for skill xp should be able to be gathered by killing but not like it used to be because that didn’t require skill either instead have the higher level player you kill the more xp you collect and crates should give less xp considering they require berley any skill mabye even ship classes such as SD and DN should be only unlockable by doing an amazing colonist feat like owning a trade city or having an insane amount of high level player kills this will keep the the worst case if everyone is super no one is scenario from happening

@MicleBrick Make a rant category for stuff like this.

I skimmed and all I saw was a false rant. Hold on-- lemme read this for real to see what you’re talking about. Big ships impossible to kill… Purely wrong and whinny… “Removed usefulness of [melee weapons and blasters]” wrong again… Called balancing ruining… “Removed skill from SL” said the one without it. Next paragraph!

Complaining about his lack of skill-- well no, blaming his lack of skill, while not intending to point out how terrible he is, on big ships (lol). Repetitive incorrect argument… STOP BRINGING BACK THAT KILL XP ARGUMENT OML… Tries to quote a well known thing but doesn’t realize that this is the wrong situation for the quote.

ALRIGHT. To sum things up, your argument is moot. This entire problem comes from your lack of skill, refusal to adapt, and pure salt.

P.S. inb4 Bandwagon Argument Debate Foul: Agreeing with a bunch of people who are wrong makes you just as wrong.

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I kind of agree. I’ve only been playing for a day, but during that day, I’ve noticed a mass ban of pirates. What’s that all about?

Pirates exist, they just suck at their job and we have a republic of nations with a military force to combat any piracy against our many citizens and friends.

Git gud if you want to pirate or get stomped.

I just don’t get why they’re being mass banned.

@Blackular it isn’t that we are not good it is that the system became much harder and therefore we can’t possibly be as good as the pirates before us

Also @Gongg_Boi it is because mods are bias and 100% of mods are now in neutral colonist nations or anti pirate republic so they don’t hear or care about our side and wrongly ban us like ghost was recently PERMANENTLY BANNED for something centurion did but since none of the mods are close to ghost or would ever trust his word no one cares

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There’s plenty of violence on the server again, with all the wars going on. Piracy isn’t completely fruitless, you can attack people while they’re trading. You can destroy freighters, take their cargo, and take it to trading cities for profit. You’ll lose some of the cargo when the ship sinks but you’ll earn more from it than the original owner because someone else paid for it.

Plus, if you do decide to trade honestly, you don’t have to give up blowing things up completely. Nowadays with the new ship classes you can make and pilot ships way more powerful than ever before, so you could blow up a lot more stuff than was previously possible. If you want to kill someone, join a nation in the middle of a war and kill someone! Heck, you could even start your own war yourself. Battles today are a lot bigger and more fun than they used to be. I don’t agree with the statement that piracy is “gone”, rather that it has undergone a transformation since the update.

RIP GHOST DOG 2K19 :joy::joy::joy::joy: (ps you should bring him back he was a good guy)

OPS Jiddu Krishnamurti — ‘Peace is the break between two wars.’

Or just get Comeintheforest to return

What character is that?

I agree with Him on this one. The pirate playerbase has been almost entirely destroyed by the fact that most strong players are in one giant alliance and all helpful pirate tools were removed. The server definitely has a predudice against pirates as like I said most ppl that can make changes are indeed colonists. I agree that things need to change

Exactly the point I made

Well if you would listen and treat things like a serious problem instead of criticizing him AND USING CAPS LIKE A 11 YEAR OLD, we might be able to make the server a bit better and less bias towards pirates. Also he’s just bad? Really smooth Mr. Mod😂