Bring back combat npc


Ok so, I went to the first page of the website juste to make sure of something :

How are we suppose to pvp if we can’t get into pvp in the first place.
Since the removal of combat npcs the server is loggers galore.
I stopped counting how many times I get loggers its just a common thing now, people with no honour, afraid of loosing their precious power gears logging at the first glance of an enemy player.
I dont even understand why It was removed in the first place.
I will admit, 5 minutes npcs were a bit much and It would be a problem indeed if you didnt have an areashielded base but still you could put your stuff away and be safe, never had a problem with it even when starting out ages ago.
Yes dying is annoying, yes loosing your stuff is inconvenient but, isnt that pvp?
Most pvp active players probably know how frustrating and infuriating it is to have somoene log on you.
Please Micle, put player npcs back.
Every time a logger loggs, 1 ton of salt is dropped into Aecor’s sea, and it is pretty salty at the moment :).

Since i’m here I’d like to touch on another note.
Minimum level for somoene to be killed, the discord says 12 but I’ve heard a lot of people and even mods tell me 5 but apparently it is not very clear right now.
Obviously 12 is way too much, People got a hang of the server once they get their first level in my opinion, wich mean they already did craterunning wich is pretty complicated if you ask me.
I think 5 or even 6 would be nice.
New player who play 3-4 hours a day would need like 2 weeks taking it easy to achieve lvl 12, I think you’d got a hang of the server after playing 3 days.
Perhaps make it so that after a certain time on survival you’re not considerd new anymore and can be killed.

Where are pirates?

that’s profanity in the title so that’s not good but I don’t understand what you mean by player npcs? NPC is a non player character so if what you’re saying is that you want AI fighters with ships rolling around I want that too that would be sick; I don’t understand fully what your saying though.


In the past, an NPC of the player would remain on the server five minutes after the player logged off; allowing the player to still be killed by another player until it disappeared, this was to help prevent combat logging as it made people either fight or store their stuff away before logging.

I definitely think it needs to be re-added as it adds that additional challenge for the players who actually want a little challenge once in a while, plus it does remove a huge part of the server; pirating attacks could be rendered useless by the players logging making pirating more difficult.



Totally obvious! Make combat logging legal. You can log off any time you want! BUT… your NPC stays around for five minutes. So prepare to log back in to a death screen! JUSTIFIED!! Ten reasons why:

  1. Combat NPC is a must for fair play.
  2. Combat NPC eliminates, “I lost connection, sorry dude, really I didn’t combat log.” whimper
  3. Combat NPC makes you tough.
  4. Combat NPC makes me laugh. I love watching people try and time their log off. It’s hilarious.
  5. Combat NPC promotes PVP (This is a PvP server.)
  6. Combat NPC is fair because if you see someone is coming to engage you early enough you are free to log off. But if you try while engaged, Yeah, you deserve to die.
  7. Combat NPC cuts down on gray area rules. Less rules means less crying. WIN win
  8. Combat NPC is an essential for a healthy diet, eat a bowl every day for breakfast and stay young. (silly I know, but I need fluff for my ten reasons plus it breaks the tension and sometimes you get what you want if people can laugh about it.)
  9. Combat NPC is great with coffee. I like to drink my morning coffee while watching dynmap and NPC hunters.
  10. JoCube votes for Combat NPC (nuff said)


the old combat npcs plugin was super buggy and incompatible with newer Minecraft versions, eventually I’ll roll my own solution but that takes time


Can we at least make it illegal for the time being?


YES!!! I hate combat loggers! :frowning:


I agree, not having combat npc’s only benefit colonists and is one of the reasons why pirating (and privateering because of a lack of pirates) has decreased this far. The only issue I ever found with the old combat npc plugin was sometimes it wouldn’t work inside a ship but other than that it was pretty good.


there are almost no pirates because there is a thing called the republic, there are no large sides of the server against each other, there is only the mayor republic and the minor pirate side, so there are not a lot of traders on the pirate side, so there is no one to pirate from if you are on the republic side


So is this like if i were to log out just at my base someone could kill me while ive been logged out because that sounds crazy if i can be gone and someone can kill my character


Only for 5 minutes, not a problem if you have an area shield, and you can just drop your stuff in a chest anyway
I was never killed when offline tho


Loggers must be killed !


It adds back most of the challenge of surviving base raids and supports pirates, which are kinda important to SL.


Try not to duplicate threads.


combat npcs were rewritten yesterday in the form of armor stands


:pray: thank god that this happened