Bounties system


so now that the update is released, the only way to get XP is by trading. for the people whose styles of playing don’t match that gameplay, there needs to be a variety of alternatives. One commonly suggested one is a bounty system.

I guess how it’d work is people who kill a lot get higher bounties on them, and if you kill them, their bounty is reduced. So what should be the actual system for determining how much XP you get, specific numbers, etc.?


The bounty should take into effect their active killstreak, how many times they have been killed for a bounty (filtering these to only include bounties past a certain threshold), their rank, and also allow other players to contribute their personal money to the bounty?


As a player who has actively hunted out people with bounties in the past on the server I love this idea, especially when it offers a way to make points in a manner closer to my preferred play style


Make black market trade missions that are worth more but the more you do the higher your bounty becomes.


That’d be a great system for giving people bounties :thinking: Probably more logical than any system for automatic bounties based on kills. How exactly should they work though…


An extra “black market exporter” is added to the stations whose crates value is more (2.0-3.0). For every bit of xp a person gains from doing those missions, that amount that of xp times two could be claimed by killing that person.


SLXP could also also be awarded to nation members online when a station is capped for them.


Other than getting killed more there should be some sort of disadvantage to those missions, else it’d probably be pretty OP and you’d get so much extra it doesn’t matter that you get killed. One possibility is that if you fail to deliver, you get angry space whales coming after you you need to make it up to the dealer?


This thread may be of interest to you


If you don’t make the mission it could dock you xp and/or money.

EDIT: It could also lock off that black market exporter from you for a set amout of time.


I seem to remember this being the basis of SQ4? We could look at that for examples of proper and improper implementation of this


SQ 4.0 was based around empires and the separation of their rims and the core. Also I personally think it’s unwise to look to them for the proper implementation of anything


There was a similar idea to this floating around during SQ 4 but it was never implemented because SQ 4 was a huge failure.


Maybe I’m thinking of 3.0?? I definitely am. This was the basis of sq3 and in addition they added skywatch or something along those lines as an NPC police force to help with this system because they didn’t think players would hunt enough


3.0 was based around contracts (which were kind of like shipments if anything) and everyone hated skywatch and 3.0 was a failure too


The contracts on 3.0 are more similar to the resource collection missions someone suggested on a different thread. I actually didn’t hate 3.0 except for skywatch which pretty much ruined everything and was the worst idea ever. And it’s semi broken svs mechanics.


Inb4 they abuse the bounty to gain extra wealth by using sock puppet nation members to kill them. Haha, nice try scum.