Block mass Listing


So i’ve been gathering the mass of every ship blocks and thought I’d share it, here is the full list from lightest to heaviest :

Redstone 0
Repeater 0
End rod 0

Concrete 10
Glass 10
Glass pane 10
Redstone lamp 10
Sea lantern 10

Piston 20
Ladder 20
Lever 20
Button 20

Sponge 30

Sign 50

Crate 100

Crafting table 120
Chest 120
Trapped chest 120

Trapdoor 150

Dispenser 170
Dropper 170
Furnace 170

Hopper 240

Iron trapdoor 250

Computer 300
Slab 300
Slab block 300
Stairs 300
Iron block 300
Diamond block 300
Emerald block 300
Terracotta 300
Iron bar 300
Redstone block 300
Wood door (2 blocks) 300

Iron door (2 blocks) 500

Sticky piston 10 000 (Yes you read that right, this is basically the cargo ship speed killer :slight_smile: )

If you feel like I forgot some feel free to tell me ;).


It might be possible to make it so crates themselves weigh a lot more than sticky pistons now, iirc it wasn’t possible previously


Hey thanks, that is great info. Kinda sucks if you are using sticky pistons for something besides cargo.
For instance on a carrier I use a sticky to disable the fighter ship shields by pulling a shield multi block out of place. Knowing this it would be nice to have a work around. Perhaps if @MicleBrick had a check to see if the sticky was clear two spaces or attached to something or if it detected a fighter style ship then the weight defaulted to 300?


a few sticky pistons will make almost no difference anyway…


That would be a lot better imo, having a faster ship when empty!
On a shuttle a sticky piston multiplies the mass by 3 going from 5k to 15k so it does make a big difference depending on the ship.