Better artifical and natural gravity


Artificial gravity in SL is quite fun to work with, though I see much more room for improvement. Notice that artificial gravity appears anywhere in the space world where ever there is a roof, a floor, and 4 walls. This includes hollowed-out asteroids. This makes no sense. Furthermore, we cannot control what moves, how fast something moves, or what direction something moves in through artificial gravity.

A possible improvement to the artificial gravity system starts with a lore to explain it. One good explanation is that it works via electromagnetism. My idea for improving the artificial gravity system is a multiblock that can be built inside any structure, such as a ship, space station, hollowed-out asteroid, and even a planetary base (more on that later) that allows you to activate and control artificial gravity inside the walls of the structure it is built in. It will not work if it is not surrounded by walls on all sides. Through this machine, you can control artificial gravity for players and items, and even for individual players or types of items. For instance, we could set artificial gravity inside a frigate for all players to somewhere around 0.3 G’s, but we could disable it for one player or even make it 1.5 G’s for some other player. We could set artificial gravity for all items to 0.5 G’s, but we could set artificial gravity for roses or bonemeal to 0.3 G’s. These are just examples. You could also make players or items fall upwards.

Natural gravity of planets can also be improved. Notice that on worlds with custom gravity, your speed does not change as you fall and gravity goes back to vanilla whenever you enter a building. First, we ought to make gravity the same inside and outside so that you don’t just suddenly experience 1 G of gravity whenever you enter your house. Second, we ought to make it so that for both natural AND artificial gravity you will accelerate as you fall. This could be done by changing the level of levitation over a period of time. When the server updates to 1.13, slow falling should make this easier.

Artificial gravity multiblocks, discussed in the second paragraph, could also be contructed on planets to control the gravity inside a building. The potential applications include: restaurants where your food hovers above your table, indoor parks for some new form of sports, and just a general improvement in quality of life.

We could explain this through the idea that players are wearing specially designed magnetic clothing and items are placed in specially designed magnetic containers.


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