Benefits for ranks


So honestly, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have gone all the way to admiral. I just should have stopped at the rank that gave me /nick. But there was a sale, so extra colors for the glow-sticks I got. Admiral is really just a cool color next to your name and a purple lightsaber. It’s also like 20 dollars up from the previous rank not including sales.
Idea: a few more COSMETIC things, for ALL purchased ranks
Cadet outta have that thing they have on the hermitcraft server(the MC youtuber private server), that book that allows you to position armor stands. People with cadet or up should be able to use this book.
Some random ones that I can’t decide where to place would be
Change the color which your blaster shoots at will.
Red sabres will be double sided with a quick command. Aesthetic only. (Admiral/Captain?)
Can choose whatever light sabre color they want in pvparena (Captain?)
Ya know how some people make art with text on signs like ASCII? Maybe there could be a menu full of premade ones with a [Art] sign (leuteniant-captain?)
I thought of music that would work as individual notes are played by your head via command blocks but emeris shot that down as micle’s religion doesn’t like music. I accept that. So now I have no more ideas. K thanks bye


heyya aid!
the armor stands benefit sounds cool, but a lot of things like that require extra scripts (as iirc the plugins aren’t free-to-use) so perhaps over the summer micle’ll have some time! It’d be cool to bring back , pets, maybe npcs that don’t do much (like my anime girlfriend pumpkin at exator station) maybe let them broadcast messages? idk.
Blaster shots though gotta stay consistent so it’s easy to tell which ones are from whom.
Micle also hates ASCII kek, that’s not gonna get past him
well lemme know if you got any more ideas ^^ perhaps I’ll be able to help for once instead of micle doing all the work lol


Just a note
some people are speaking of how the ranks are for supporting the server and extra cosmetics aren’t needed.
While I agree with how they support the server, some people won’t want to put their money into something that doesn’t directly benefit THEM. Many people see these donations as a personal thing, and don’t think of it in that way, even though that way is correct. Perhaps ideas like this could serve as extra reasons for these types of people to consider purchasing a rank. I’d guess that the montly upkeep of a server this size is anywhere from 20-50 dollars, considering (when i tried to start a server) that a 10 player server costs like 8 bucks a month. With this upkeep, (dont quote me on the numbers) it would be most beneficial to have the server getting extra rank purchases to help keep it afloat. I am noting that these numbers are likely way off though.