Beam Mining Idea


Ever played EVE Online Micle? Might be cool if you coded mining like that ingame but had it just delete a 5x5 area you click on. (at a distance, wouldnt be hard to code it, you could do it with command blocks easily anyways) Normal mining drill rules would still apply. And a max range. Just a thought…


Can you describe how it would work for people who don’t play EVE online?


Basically it has a very long range and eats away at asteroids from long distance, channeling the ore back to the ship. It is purely laser.


Nevermind the voice in this vid, but just look at the mining lasers. They form a “funnel” with the ores and rock going back to the ship through the center. The lasers just carve it up.


Maybe some sort of (very slow) long distance mining could be added, if we ever make those extra space areas you can fly to and mine at.


Yes please Micle. That would rock.