Bazaar Expansion


Long story short: I was very disappointed to find out that only trade cities can have Bazaars. So, I propose a new idea!

GBay! The galaxy wide EBay!
In GBay, items can be listed for sale. The command to list items would be /gbay, which pulls up an Auction House-like GUI.
GBay would be much like how Bazaars work, except with a transport fee. (Transport fee can vary between regions) When someone buys an item, it is directly given to them like an auction house command. The transport fee would not be given to the seller, only the amount of the money the item(s) were listed for.

I’d like to see how this idea expands, and I hope it can be implemented someday.


Micle already had this idea, and thought about implementing it, Idk what he ended up planning on doing but still.


/bazaar browse already lets you buy remotely


But you can’t sell your stuff without one :expressionless:


that’s intentional, you’re supposed to be encouraged to go to settlement cities often


Bazaars were basically just added. We don’t need to add on something because of player laziness.


I looked at the /Bazaar last night. Is the price shown of an item on another planet the transfer price or in person price? Could both be shown?


I could probably make it show the normal price too, but it’s just half


I think the price should be
X2 same system
X3 neighboring system
X4 far system