Ban appeal Enderport

Retracted. Have spoken to staff.

We did not assume you were specifically targetting Vandrayk, as the message clearly stated you wanted all of us to die of seizures. The issue isn’t with who received the message and what it meant to them personally, it’s the message itself. It’s blatant staff disrespect.

You started off with ridiculous accusations and we proved them to be false, yet you insisted that we are the terribly abusive moderators you seem to think we are.

When three Senior Moderators who’ve all been playing this server far longer than you tell you something, you best listen instead of whining about it, insulting us and saying you’ll go to the owner.

Furthermore, your appeal does not even contain a hint of regret. You say that what you did is wrong but you also say that “the ban is ridiculous” and that we had “half arsed reasons” which only proves that the ban was justified.

The next time you write an appeal, try saying that you were wrong in what you did and that you’ll change your ways, heck, it worked for Ghost.

That will be all.

why cant i get unbanned no fair