Ban Appeal - Darzen


Why were you banned?

I was banned for: General Exploits, including, and limited to: “Lag”/“Jumping Around”, “/speed 10” ~ GenBukkit

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

Why do I deserve to be? Those would not be my best choice of words. If a wrong is committed by an individual, they should be punished, however, the kind act forgiveness is a gift that can be greatly appreciated by the right person, and if the person is deserving, then they should treat that gift as such. If y’all decide to extend that gift to me, I shall be grateful to accept it and treat it as such.


As the person that issued the punishment allow me to say this:
“Lag”/“Jumping Around”, and “/speed 10” Are not the reasons you were banned. You were banned due to the blatant use of a hacked or illegally modified client, The specific modifications I caught are: General Exploits, including, and limited to: Speed hacks, Fast build, and, while it’s not illegal, it is part of a hacked client - Fancy chat.
The Speed hacks, and the Fast build were documented via screen recording.
The Fancy chat is documented on discord, and in a screenshot.

This added up with your history resulted in the five month ban that you received.

While I don’t believe I have the power to accept or deny appeals. I’d still like to ask you a question or two to see where you are here, considering you didn’t give any information that would actually result in the acceptance of your appeal.

  1. Do you admit to breaking the server rules? If so, what could you do to assure that this doesn’t happen again?

  2. Why exactly DID you break, or appear to break, the rules of the server, what was your goal?

  3. Do you believe you should be forgiven for the actions you may or may not believe you performed?

Feel free to not answer those questions, However, I feel like answering those questions may give you a stronger chance at having your appeal accepted.



I’m somewhat confused about the history that you mentioned, but otherwise…

Yes, I will admit to wrongdoing. I can also assure that these actions will not be repeated. There will be no more of this hacking.

For the sake of time, I broke the rules to test out a speed modifier. I had no useful goal.

I cannot be the judge of my own forgiveness, however should I be forgiven for my actions, I would be grateful and can assure you that they will not be taken again. I make a public apology for my actions, and am also grateful for the opportunity that y’all have given me to appeal.

Until next time, ~Dz


Testing hacked clients on a public server -nonetheless star legacy- is a bad idea. Even if you wont do it again, other staff members have said that you have done this before, as so I hereby deny this appeal.