Automatic coordinates for planets


I find it annoying to have to put in the coordinates for planets I want to jump to and very time consuming in a chase a great feature to add would be a way to instantly put in planet coordinates this would work like /jump Collis you wouldn’t have to put in any numbers just a planet name


Pretty sure pre programmed routes are almost here. @MicleBrick correct me if I’m wrong.


Plus there could be an interesting element to the command where there is a chance you drop out of hyperspace and crash, which would make using the command risky but a little fun, and make it that way inputting the exact coords is the more accurate way to travel. Kinda like calculating a lightspeed jump in Star Wars: exact coordinates are better.


i agree we need this, instead of /JUMP 38580 18296 just typing /JUMP QUODCANiS this would make it more imersive and better since we would have the famous pre programmed hyperspace route, since its a pre programed route it should take a little longer in order to dodge the sun or even other planets to prevent an emergency hyperspace exit. I think this would be awesome and less of a pain to add the coords of where you wanna go by looking at the map.


something like this is planned for the starships rewrite