Automated defense systems

Basically some form of system which shoots anyone in proximity or uses a observer block to “scan” for enemies. Possible way to set who gets shot at could be you right clicking it and something like adding pilots to ships. Could potentially only work with you online and obviously would need power for detecting enemies and shooting. Probably expensive materials. Open to suggestions on this.


I was about to make a new suggestion, but then I saw this.

My idea is for a type of ‘scanner’ system. Basically, it would be a multiblock that will let you know(through either manual scans with like a /scan command or auto scans in set-able intervals) a list of players that are near the multiblock.

This could be a way of checking on members or checking for enemies.

You would be able to chain multiple together to create a semi-complex satellite system(although this may spam your chat).

Adding on to Griff’s idea, you could then create a defense system that uses this information and targets players flagged or marked as in enemy nations. Now, this would definitely buff space station(which when wired correctly or extremely powerful) but the scanner part could change a bit of the gameplay.

Nice one, Griff!

Yeah. I’d love more ground defence systems, possibly a multiblock that activates these and enables base shields simultaneously?

I think some auto defenses are in the works, but I don’t know what they are

I believe the SAM suggestion is in the works but I don’t know.