Attention farmers!


I am in the market for a few double chests of potatoes. I would pay 5k per double chest delivered to my city, Dromund Kaas, on Cerus Alpha. I’m pretty sure this is sufficiently more than selling to trade station and should be a win win for both of us.



mmmm… bump :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol Hopesrevenge actually got me 3 dubs in game. But was kinda hoping one or two more farmers would show interest since this is actually better than selling to spawn. And I would have a few food contacts.

But I guess I’m wrong lol.


we must make the forums a viable trade center!!


Hi! i joined the forum just for this post. is this still on? i could deliver potatoes… like 2 doublechests


I’d buy 2 more double chests of potatoes… then my food worries wouldn’t be a concern for a long time.

If your a motivated entrepreneur, I have another post

If you can supply any of those I’d pay as well.


Hi i sadly dont have potatoes but i have a big greenhouse with wheat.
I could try to farm those 2 double chests of bread but this would be just a short term solution for your city.
If you are interrested in permanently fixing your food problem i could offer you the blueprint of my greenhouse for a litte bit of money.
If you are interrested just message me per discorde or the forum or ingame.
My username as well as my ingame name is Lorenncz.




Hey thanks for the reply!

If I get the 2 dubs from zelrond I shouldn’t need any food for the foreseeable future. But if not I’ll let you know.

And thanks for the offer of your farm, the only problem is I live on Cerus Alpha where I have no water and really slow growth rates for crops. I have a chicken farm but with what it produces it doesn’t keep up, especially if I go outside and build at all.

Even with a spacesuit/enviromental module the atmosphere gives you hunger, slowness, and mining fatigue.


Hi no problem.
And concerning the water getting it shouldnt be a problem, but i know your other problems.
I live on Orcus and its the same story, so i build my self a whole underground city so i never have to expose my self to the radiation at the surface.