Artificial Gravity


Now I know what you’re all thinking: haven’t we already discussed gravity?
Yes. Yes we have. However after spending a few days(I’m new to the server) in my Space Station, built entirely by hand because I’m too dumb to use the printer for build projects, I realize that space is weird.
To the point. Adding to your long list of suggestions, I feel like we should create an artificial gravity multiblock similar to the shields where it has different ranges. It would cause anything in that area to be affected by normal MC gravity.
Qualities and Uses of Artificial Gravity:
1) It can be used on planets and in space(even on ships)
2) It takes up energy per second(ship or generator)
3) It projects out in a certain range in three tiers
4) (Not as necessary) The Gravity setting can be changed, where 1.0 is the gravity of a normal minecraft world, .5 allows you to double-jump 0 is ‘off’ or space gravity and 2.0 makes you slow and your jump isnt as high.
5) It can be used as a defense feature around turrets to kind of add as an extra barrier to break through.
6) It can be used to create farms and such in Space
7) Items, blocks, and movement wont be as wonky.
8) If you’ve made it this far, bravo.

Anyways guys, this was my long suggestion on Artificial Gravity, a less important commodity idea of mine. Keep this in mind as we head into the future of Star Legacy!


Ok guys, let me know what you think!


Yes, please add this. While floating around my station is cool I want to weaponise it


This is a more experimental add-on to the idea, but what if you could also do negative gravity? Just a joking idea, because i realize that something like that would break the server, ships, and minecraft itself.


I think this is really cool and they way they made it sound seems amazing! I definitely agree to add this


This is a great idea